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ABOUT our Team: Judah Hamer

Judah Hamer

Judah Hamer (he/him/his) has deep experience in public and school libraries, with a career spanning over three decades. His areas of expertise are organizational development, knowledge management, and interactional analysis.

Judah’s leadership in local, state and regional organizations reflects his interest in organizational development and knowledge management.  As a leader, he has often connected with organizations and agencies that need a leader who thrives while engaged in change management.  He strongly believes that dynamic businesses and institutions are those that make mindful and intentional choices about the way they serve their customers, constituents, and communities. 

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The child of an accountant and bookkeeper, Judah has a genetic predisposition to factoring fiscal sustainability into project conception, management, and execution.


Judah believes we can lead change, or let it lead us.


Judah has taught extensively at the School of Communication & Information, Rutgers University, as an instructor for the MIS program.  He won the school’s first recognition for its online instruction, from WISE. Among students he is best known for his teaching the school’s signature Human Information Behavior course in a way that brings to life theories and ideas can be otherwise hard to grasp. His personal research has been most heavily focused on the LGBTQ community.  He is committed to studying how everyday interactional experiences have social consequences for those who have identities that are not readily apparent to others, such as sexuality.


Judah is currently Vice President, Operations and Human Resources at Bandujo Advertising + Design, New York City.

Professional Memberships

  • American Library Association

  • Public Library Association

  • New Jersey Library Association

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