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our collaborative Team

We Believe in Collaboration.

Constructive Disruption is a cooperative effort involving library consultants with disparate and complementary areas of expertise, located across the country. We pool our knowledge and experience in the belief that collaborators with different viewpoints create superior end products.


Whether in our proposal or through developing the scope of work with you, Constructive Disruption pays particular attention to building a team with the expertise to support your needs. When not working together on a project, our collaborative team partners typically run their own consultancies; together, our expertise includes:

  • project management;

  • non-traditional, non-hierarchical organizational design;

  • equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice work;

  • equity-focused data collection and analysis;

  • readers' advisory and collection work;

  • communications and marketing;

  • servant leadership;

  • rural library service;

  • design thinking expertise;

  • large-scale trainings and presentations;

  • and more.


At Constructive Disruption, our planning processes are built with a collaborative approach at the center. 

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