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ABOUT our Team: Peter Bromberg

Peter Bromberg

Peter has nearly 30 years of experience applying a human-centered approach to the transformation of library services, creating value and positive experiences for people and communities, while fostering healthy, equitable, and effective organizational climates.  As a library advocate on local, state, and national levels, he coaches and consults with librarians, boards, and associations to develop effective messaging and build strong community and political support for library funding. As a library director in Salt Lake City, Peter applied an equity lens to board development, operations, and policy development, garnering a Distinguished Service Award from the American Society for Public Administrators (ASPA) for his work in eliminating inequitable barriers to service.

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Peter has held numerous leadership roles in regional, state, and national associations, including helping to create, launch, and manage the American Library Association's Emerging Leaders program in 2007, and co-creating and delivering a statewide leadership institute for the Oklahoma Library Association. He has written and presented widely on the topics of influence, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, improv, customer experience, and service design. As an executive coach  he enjoys helping people and organizations release their potential by making intentional, healthy, and effective choices.

Peter helps people engage with the world and each other mindfully, intentionally, and with curiosity and a "yes, and" mindset, envisioning a preferred future, and getting into strategic action to bring the vision to life.

Recent Presentations & Publications

Professional Memberships & Certifications

  • Board Member, EveryLibrary, 2014 – Present.

  • Board Member, Utah Cultural Alliance, January 2020 – Present.

  • Member, Utah Library Association 2014 - Present

  • Co-Chair, Advocacy Committee, Utah Library Association, 2018-Present.

  • Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence, Case-Western Reserve University

  • Toastmasters Competent Communicator (aka “Competent Toastmaster” or CTM)

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