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Change Management Support

Building capacity to lead change in your organization

Our Approach

We believe the traditional vertical hierarchy belongs in the past and that well-structured change management builds a stronger staff culture. This belief guides us as we focus on organizational development and design, workplace culture and transformation, creating and supporting high performing teams, transition and change management and support, strategic planning, innovative work practices, and hiring and recruitment practices to support a diverse, inclusive, welcoming culture. The question is not whether local government services are still relevant; the question is whether we are willing to engage with and listen our communities and consider a radically new service model. Are we willing to leave behind bureaucracy and actually give our community members what they are asking for? Are we willing to support staff in providing that service? A radically new service model calls for staff interested in and empowered to deliver that service. A radically different service model means we understand not only what works for one community may not work for another but also what speaks to one user may not to another, and it requires a diverse, empowered staff to provide.

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