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LSTA Five-Year Plans

Shaping opportunity for libraries statewide.

Our Approach

When working with State Libraries on their LSTA Five-Year plans, we begin by developing and presenting a cohesive evaluation of your state’s past LSTA goals and priorities. Expert collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data ensures accurate, engaged, and unbiased reporting. We then leverage the findings of your LSTA evaluation, along with additional data, additional engagement, and additional stakeholder input, to develop a new five-year plan that is both aspirational and attainable in its scope and reach. Keeping the planning guidelines established by IMLS front of mind, Constructive Disruption will coordinate and deliver a new plan that is easily digestible at a glance and provides the details necessary to carry it out. Revisiting your mission statement and stating goals that reflect current practice in a rapidly evolving field ensures libraries can lead with inclusive, forward-thinking vision and practices.

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