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Strategic Planning

Focusing on co-created, future-oriented strategy.

Our Approach

Our strategic planning processes are built with a collaborative approach at the center. We believe high quality, sustainable plans emerge when staff, key leadership, and local stakeholders have a meaningful opportunity to contribute their thoughts and experiences. The main goal of our work is to ensure sustainability by unlocking organizational capacity and providing leadership in the organization with the insights and techniques they need to successfully carry the work forward. We ensure the relationships built and strengthened as part of a strategic planning process remain with your organization, and your staff. This may be a different approach than you have used in the past, which may have been much more consultant-forward. If you believe your organization’s greatest asset is in its people, we’re the consulting group for you. Through our collaborative, we are able to accommodate strategic planning processes from large to small. Our strategic planning work has ranged from a small, local support foundation to libraries serving a population of 100,000 to 200,000, to designing an equity-focused strategic process rooted in equity for a county of more than 500,000, to statewide service-based cooperatives with more than 1,500 members.

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